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Spotlight Digital is a digital marketing agency that supports agencies to extend your digital offering with tailored digital solutions.

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Our Services

Are you looking to extend your digital offering but with minimal investment? Are you looking to outsource some work due to workload and time commitments? 

Spotlight Digital for Agencies is a perfect solution for this.

Web Design
We can design websites in line with your clients’ needs and objectives, as well as their brand values. Websites can be developed from existing designs or developed from scratch. Either way, we ensure that all websites reflect the brand and its culture and values.

Social Media
Use our social media expertise to deliver your clients marketing objectives and reach their target audience on the correct social media platforms. Whether it be establishing or developing a social media presence, producing a social media strategy or analytics, we can assist you and your clients.

Web Hosting
Host your clients websites with us for secure, fast and reliable hosting. We understand that website hosting can sometimes be confusing so we have simplified the process. We provide a flexible range of packages and if required, manage the whole process for you and your client.

Digital Analytics
Tailored regular reporting can be provided to give you insight into the effectiveness of your clients’ digital footprint. As a result, practical solutions can be suggested to improve their digital marketing tactics. We also offer a bespoke digital audit to outline their current digital footprint.

You don’t want your clients to be left behind in the search engine rankings. Our SEO services ensure that this doesn’t happen and that they rank high in the search engine results. We provide monthly reports to you and your client so you know exactly where you stand.

Digital Management
If you or you clients do not have the expertise, time or resources to manage your clients’ digital presence, we can manage this on your behalf. From social media to website management our flexible management will ensure your clients gain the maximum return from their digital assets.

Spotlight Digital allows agencies to extend their digital offering in a refreshing and flexible manner.

As an agency you can enhance your digital offering.
You can provide your clients with a greater range of digital services but with minimal investment.

At Spotlight Digital we are flexible in our approach.
We are happy to work directly with you and your clients or we can work silently on your behalf as a white label service.

Our main focus is to keep your clients in the Spotlight.
Tailored digital solutions and our approach of working with agencies in a partnership will achieve this.

Working together

Our Spotlight Digital account handlers, creatives and technical experts all work together to deliver our high quality of work.

We are flexible in our approach when working in partnerships, however two options include our white label service and direct service. 


Our white label service allows you to offer our services as your own. We will use your own branding and templates but our expertise and knowledge will deliver the end result to your clients. This is a great option if you need to outsource your work due to work load levels and deadline commitments.


We can work direct with your clients so they will be aware that Spotlight Digital is involved in the project. Account handlers will be available to attend pitches and meetings as well as communicating with your client throughout the project. We will regularly report back to you to ensure you are in the loop at all points.

Interested in expanding your digital offering to your clients
or outsourcing some web and digital work?
We could work together…