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Spotlight Digital is a digital marketing agency based in Oxfordshire.
We put our clients in the Spotlight through tailored digital solutions.

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Spotlight Digital is an Oxfordshire based web and digital marketing agency.

We provide tailored web and digital solutions.
Our services are tailored to your needs and values as we recognise that all businesses are different.

At Spotlight Digital we work with you.
It is essential for us to understand your business goals and vision so it can be reflected in our partnership with you.

The Spotlight will be simple and focused.
We don’t overcomplicate things or use jargon to ensure we deliver against your expectations.

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Our Process

The process we follow at Spotlight Digital supports our clients from the initial idea and briefing to ensuring an effective strategy is in place.


To evolve your digital footprint we need to understand your business goals, customer needs and current digital footprint. Our understanding can then be developed to provide solutions on how to establish and improve your digital assets.


Based on the understanding we have developed with you, we can then create or develop your digital assets. Your digital footprint will reflect your brand and its values as well as your business goals and objectives. This is true for any project that we work on.


To ensure your digital assets remain connected to your business goals and brand values ongoing support can be provided. This can be for either the digital footprint Spotlight Digital has developed, or for existing assets that are already in place. 

Interested in establishing or developing your digital assets? 
Why not contact us and chat about what we can do for you!